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Huey Helicopters

The UH-1 was developed in 1963 for military use and was the “flagship” of the Vietnam War years. Many upgrades were introduced with new models designed to fit the mission capabilities needed. The popular helicopter was powered by a 1300 horsepower turbine with a range of 197 miles at a top speed of 140 mph. Widely recognized by veterans with its iconic “Whop-whop” sound which could be heard five miles away on incoming flights!

The Huey was widely used as a general purpose helicopter to transport supplies, troops and medical evacuations so if your loved one rode on a helicopter it most likely was a Huey.

Thank you so much!! I am so grateful, I know my dads going to love it. He was a Huey pilot in the Vietnam war and I know your product is going to be the perfect gift. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
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